New Comic! Predictive text is kind of creepy and then when it doesn't work it's actually super inconvenient so we're trapped either way.  My phone is also being awful in that it keeps autocompleting 'I'm thinking about' with 'suicide', even though I've never actually typed that and I know that for sure because I reset the damn thing 3 weeks ago. It's probably just a.... I don't know... a common phrase or something? Somehow? But sometimes I also suspect that since it basically has access to all my emails and browsing history it knows I have depression and is cross analyzing that with current stressors and it's sort of trying to help me reach out to people? No matter how I spin it, it's pretty bad. Not a good suggestion, phone! Transcript below: Sometimes my phone's predictive text feels overly personalized... What are you up to tonight? I'm sorry/so sorry/really sorry Neat! Are you still going to the party? No No/No no no/noooooooo What kind of cake did you two end up making? We made a terrible mistake ...sometimes I miss you! I miss you too. I wish you were pants

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