New Comic! A Swedish translation of this comic can be found here. I have this fantasy where I go back and time and find the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and beat him over the head with his own book, screaming "THEY'RE BOTH FROM EARTH, YOU ASSHOLE. THEY ARE FROM THE SAME PLANET. THAT ISN'T EVEN GOOD SCIENCE". In the fantasy, he stands up and goes 'you know, you're right, I'm so sorry for producing a sexist, heterocentric, gender essentialist piece of pop-relationship-advice crap and allowing it to define relationship dynamics for over 30 years. How can I make it up to you?' and then I'm like 'I'M SORRY I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF MY AWESOME PET DINOSAUR AND MY MOUNTAIN OF MONEY AND MY PACK OF EXTRA LONG DASCHUNDS' because it's a fantasy and I get to decide what that means. The last panel of this comic is available for sale at my redbubble store. 

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