But Men

EDIT: Some folk were concerned that the original version of this comic had dialogue that was implying that trans men were lesbians (specifically superlesbians). I have modified the comic slightly to try to amend that. You can see the original version here. New Comic! First of all, I want to welcome anyone who's here after finding me through Monday's comic.  That really took off and I'm glad you all seemed to like it! But Men is something I've been meaning to write about for a while (also, Butt Men. I'm getting around to it). Basically it's the phenomenon of women/genderqueer/trans people talking about things that relate to them,  and a guy coming along and trying to make the conversation about men. I guarantee you that any discussion you see online around feminism/gender stuff has some idiot guy saying 'but men!'. And you want to just be like 'dude. seriously. can you not have a conversation be about you for once?'. There's a much longer and more complex post about this coming, I promise. Good to see you all here, though. I hope you stick around.  

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