New Comic! Yeah, I keep seeing this 'slippery slope' argument coming up. I really have no idea what they think they're referring to but if it's anything like this comic, then fuck, they're on to us.  Transcript below: A: Yeah, we got kind of raped on the price on that contract. B: Yeah, don't use language like that around me, ok? --- A:  *sigh* You know it's just a figure of speech. This whole PC language policing thing really feels like a slippery slope to me. B: A slippery slope to.... what exactly? ----- A: Here, let me show you. ---- A: See, we start out up here, and then... Well, it speaks for itself, doesn't it? Signs: Social restrictions on using oppressive and/or triggering language Gay marriage legaland mandatory Government outlineslegally permitted wordsfor use by white people All governments overthrown, Feminazi regime established Cis gender identity outlawed Dystopic PC thought-policed hellish barren landscape ----- B: ....right. You're still going to have to refrain from talking like that around me. ---- *click*

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