New Comic! Thank goodness he messaged me, I'd have never known otherwise. Transcript below:

did you know i'm a man-hater?




You're a cisphobic misandrist man-hater your stupid comics make me sick

Oh, man, this isn't good.


I know.  I really thought I liked men.

I did too!


And who knew that cisphobia and misandry were real?

Not me, that's for sure.


Maybe he's wrong?

He's an anonymous MRA on the internet. How could he possibly be wrong?


You're right, you're right. Their opinions are always so well research and based in reality.


I should go. I love you.

I love you t- I mean, get out of here, you…you objectifying, probably-rapist …um…man-pig.


Hello, Toronto Cat Rescue? I'm going to need 6 more cats here, Stat. No, no, I'll take care of the neutering personally.

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