Harm Reduction

New Comic! Warning: This comic references self harm. Note: you can buy a redrawn zine version of this comic at my shopify store. Harm Reduction! Woo! I'm into any kind of mental health tool that gives power back to a person. Mental illness can be very disempowering; it feels like you have no control over your thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, getting treatment for mental illness can also feel like you're giving up control, as doctors and medications and diagnoses just sort of happen to you, and that's if you're able to access mental health services safety and successfully. I love harm reduction models because they're basically like 'hey, that thing you're doing that you want to do less of? You don't have to stop right away. Let's just try to give you a little more control about how that happens, ok? Let's explore some options'. Options are always good.  

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