Would you like to meet your liver recipient?

New comic!

Some people thought it was a little sad that I would never know my recipient or their family, but it was really ok with me. In fact, the conversations that have to happen when you're donating an organ to a love one seem so...complicated. There's a lot of social dynamics around guilt, and love, and obligation, and management that I was kind of happy to skip. Don't get me wrong, Id be happy to donate an organ to a loved one, and it is an incredible gift, but it does seem significantly more complex. 

Some have asked if I would be willing to meet with them now or in the future. It's purely theoretical, there is no way to facilitate this beyond random chance, but I probably wouldn't pursue it. If it was incredibly important to my recipient I'd meet them, sure, but I don't need to see who I helped to know I helped them. 

It's interesting that many other places will flat out not do a liver donation unless you have a direct relationship with the recipient (or are part of a daisy-chain donation program). I don't really understand the point of view that an anonymous donation was inherently more risky, except that people are more confused as to why anyone would want do it. I'm glad University Health Network at Toronto agree that donors can donate altruistically. And so is Kiddo and their family, I imagine. 

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