Too Late

Wouldn't this be a useful talent? So! I finished grad school! Again! Isn't that great? I did do my final paper as a comic (and there is a spelling mistake on the second page...). The topic was Other as a category, and I did an overview about who is othered and what that means. It's 16 pages, so if you'd like to check it out, I've uploaded it as a PDF here. RH Final Assignment - Other (opens a PDF) Transcript of comic below: RH: There. I've scanned and submitted the final paper for the final course of my degree. I can't believe I decided to do a final in the style of a comic! MZ: Huh. There's a spelling mistake on the second page. MZ: I'm sorry, I know it's too late. MZ: ummmmm MZ: I love you? MZ: did you just rage-manifest an angry raccoon? RH: looks like MZ. Impressive. Can you make it go away now? RH: mmmm... I think not. MZ: I understand. RH: See you tomorrow. MZ: later.

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