Tone Policing

New comic! This comic originally was posted on Everyday Feminism. A Spanish version of this comic can be found here (credit Tawreos) A Portuguese version of this comic can be found here (credit: Caroline and Tuna) Ok i wrote up this whole thing about this comic and then wordpress ate it. The gist - tone policing is complicated and i've tried to present some examples. Tone policing is not an excuse to be abusive or shitty towards an individual, but it is a way to mute and dismiss activism towards systems of oppression as being too aggressive, hostile, or emotional. There is a difference between 'that's a shitty argument' and 'you're a shitty person'. Regardless, if you hold privilege in a certain area, you do not have to remain in discussions around oppression that are too intense for you, but you may not tell someone that their emotionsĀ are bad. Emotions - anger, fear, grief, frustration - these galvanize our activism. To numb them is to cut out the heart of what we are trying to change. My other post was too nuanced but it's gone and I want to eat dinner now.

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