Thank You Card

New Comic! My wonderful friend has been doing some online dating recently and has encountered some interesting gentlemen. My favourite part of this story is how this man almost certainly didn't get it; I imagine him sitting home, feeling hurt, thinking 'but I TOLD her I didn't mind...'. She wasn't apologizing, dude.   Transcript below: A: "…. It's a date! I'm excited to meet you. I have blond hair and I'll be wearing a red tshirt, so you'll know it's me." B: "That's great. I'll be wearing a purple jacket, and I'm brown." A: "Oh, that's ok! I don't mind." CHAT: B: >That's very understanding of you. Hold on, I'm sending you something. A: >>>What's this? An e-card? B: >Just open it ECARD: I didn't ask if the colour of my skin was ok with you, but THANKS for saving me the trouble of having to meet you!

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