New comic! Warning: This comic discusses sex work, includes some semi-nude images, and contains sexist slurs. As such it should probably be considered NSFW. A German version of this comic can be found here (credit: Tilman) EDIT: Some of you have correctly pointed out that we should be supporting efforts to decriminalize sex work, not legalize it. That quote came at the end of an involved collaboration session and we were rushing a bit and let our language slip. The comic will be amended with correct terminology. I had the amazing privilege to get some time to collaborate with Vex, a wickedly smart and wonderfully funny woman who worked as a dancer and escort in Canada from 2000 - 2008. Vex has asked that we don't use her name or other identifying details. This strip took me forever and I hope you all like it because I think my hand will probably fall off now.  


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