New Comic! But what about men? What about butt men? Butts! Anytime I can make a comic and have the punchline be butts, I'm doing a good jobs. Transcript below: ---- A: Ugh. B: I know. Just ignore them. They're just mad about the new Women's Book Store opening this week. Signs: Why don't we celebrate literature by men? Please pay attention to me Butt men have opinions Feminism = Oppression Misandry A: What about that one guy? Spell check much? B: oh him? I think he actually belongs to the other group across the street. He's just a little turned around. Sign: Butt men have important opinions ---- Sign: Association for the non-objectifying consensual appreciation of fine butts. Sign: Wooo butts! We just really like butts! I heart butts! --- A: huh. B: yup. --- Sign: Butt men have important opinions about butts

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