New comic! One of the ways that mental illness really fucks with you is by distorting your ability to recognize and process things appropriately. It will hook onto tiny things and dig them into you for days and days, or it will numb you over things you really should be processing. This week, my brain feels like it's just constantly gaslighting me and it's difficult to find the place where normal emotions and reactions stop and brain distortions begin. Transcript below:

…and that is my totally unsolicited prescriptive opinion on how you should be managing your relationships, how you’re doing it wrong, and how you’re a terrible partner if you’re not doing it the way I do it.

Christ, what an asshole.

2 days later:


What, brain?

What..what if?

No, brain, we’re not going to do this.

Yeah, but what if maybe…

Brain, we’ve talked about this over and over. We’re not doing this again.

But what if maybe he’s right.

arrrgh fuck you.

Hey, sorry, I’m going to have to cancel tonight, I’ve come down with a case of bullshit useless anxiety about things that aren’t actually a problem due to a dumb thing a condescending jerk said to me 2 days ago.

Yeah, no problem, we’ll reschedule.


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