New comic! Yet another comic that hinges on a dumb pun I made in bed that my partner snickered at. Transcript below:

a: I talked with Alex and he said-

B: Hey dude, Alex has been pretty clear about asking us to use female pronouns.

A: He's not around, it's not like it matters.

B: Of course it does. I expect you to use the correct pronouns when I'm around. Anyways, what did she say?

A: Come on, it's not a big deal. Look, I like Alex, ok? I'm supportive if he…fine, SHE wants to do this whole 'trans' thing, it's just that if he's not here I don't think it matters if I'm not totally on top of this whole 'she/her' thing.

B: Whoa, whoa, I've seen this before. You seem to be having a defensive reaction. It happens sometimes in situations like this. Just slow down and think about what you're saying.

A: I mean, I feel like suddenly I have to walk on eggshells just because he's decided that he's trans and now everyone has to be so careful, even when he's not around to hear about it. God, it's like these minority groups ask us to give them this special treatment and are just waiting to cry 'discrimination' whenever anyone makes a simple verbal slip up.

B: Ok, he's going into full-blown angerphylaxis. Don't panic! Someone get me an empy-pen.

A: This whole gender-change thing isn't even natural. It's not my fault that….that…oh. Oh wait.

A: Alex isn't asking for special treatment. She's just asking that we afford her the respect of using the correct pronouns, even if it's a little hard at first, because she deserves to feel safe and respected in the workplace, the same way the rest of us do.

B: Ok, you're all right now. Good job. Good job.

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