New Comic! Note: A version of this comic without the word 'fuck' can be found here. Another note: a poster of this comic can be purchased here Another another note: A Swedish version of this comic can be found here. A Hungarian version of this comic can be found here Oh my, another long one. When I was writing this one out I just kept thinking of all the times I have been a real jerk because I didn't understand the structural way that privilege is reenforced. I've found that in areas where I hold privilege, that structural power is sort of like the infrastructure of life - it works to give me advantage and normalcy, and unless I actively examine it I don't notice it at all. But when you're on the other side of that equation, you notice it all the time, you're living in it and it's a constant pressure of micro and macro aggressions and boxes. As I get older I feel so much more responsible for how I contribute to this with my privilege; I wish I could go back 10 years and tell myself not to be so willfully ignorant and stupid about some of these things. But I'm trying to be better these days; these rules help me a lot.  

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