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New comic! Note: A Dutch version of this comic can be found here (translation credit Yareth Habermehl). A German versino of the comic can be found here (credit Ben S.) Turns out people have A LOT OF OPINIONS about treatments for mental illness, despite not being doctors, mental health professionals, or indeed, asked for any comment at all about the topic. But yes, sure, I'll stop taking my drugs right away, and cut red meat out of my diet immediately. You clearly know what you're talking about.   Transcript below:

You're taking INSULIN? My friend took that and it totally made him so crazy, he stopped sleeping and got all paranoid and thought meercats were trying to kill him and he ended up TRYING TO EAT HIS OWN FACE and it was really bad. Anyways, he decided to stop all his medication cold turkey without medical supervision and got like 100% better, it pretty much cured him, so if you have diabetes it's probably actually caused by your drugs.

I think we're FAR TOO DEPENDANT on medications. Asthma attacks are manufactured by big pharma, they're just trying to tell you you're sick so they can get your money. It's all just a scam, you know?

I don't know… how do you know where YOU start and the DRUGS end? If I had to take pills everyday just to feel normal I'd worry that they were changing who I was. I think I'd rather just not take the antiepilepsy medication and deal with the seizures than risk changing who I was!

An Epipen? Oh goodness, you might as well be taking POISON! Here, I have this all natural homeopathic remedy that will cure that pesky anaphylaxis, you'll feel right as rain in no time!

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