New comic! Ah yes, bigotry thinly veiled under a blanket of defensive irony. Truly we have reached the pinnacle of wit. Transcript below: Aren't asians supposed to be good at math?
Oh my, an ironic racist joke, how droll!
It's like, I'm thinking
Oh man he just said something super shitty and racis- oh wait, I get it! It was a joke! So edgy!
It is just so cool how you obviously acknowledge the existence of systemic racism and stereotypes ...
...and then just totally parrot it back, but with a smirk so we all know you don't really mean it.
I'm really impressed at how you've found a way to say lazy, stupid, insulting things in a way that allows you to dismiss any objectors as humourless and shrill.
Hey, could you not say things like that?
I don't know what the we would do without brave, counter-culture, 'free speech' humour-warriors like you.
You make the world a better place. Thank you. Thank you.

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