New comic! I went away! but then i came home. 50% of my cats have complicated feelings about this. An added dimension to this whole thing is that Oskar is crazy manipulative when he feels vaguely abandoned and ramps up this social survival mechanism. He's actually a pretty antisocial cat to everyone who isn't me most of the time, but whenever it looks like I might be Gone Forever he turns really nice and cute and friendly to the nearest person. So the friend who was looking after the creatures texted me after like. 2 days to say "Oskar has suddenly become The Friendliest Cat!" The thing is, he doesn't really have the endurance for this and it wears off pretty quickly. The update 2 days after that was: "Oskar has decided to reclaim his dick status, but may not be entirely secure in his position yet, as he tends to rub up against my leg and let me pet him while hissing at me"

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