New comic! So I actually have this exact conversation about once a week. It's funny, but it also ties into stuff that I've been struggling with over the past year - about how to present in a way that feels true to myself, that communicates my identity to other people, and that is also comfortable and work/life appropriate. Clothes and fashion are a core part of presentation, of course. And I really do hate pants. They're uncomfortable and any time I am wearing pants about 10% of my brain is dedicated to wishing intensely that I wasn't wearing pants. But I have a tricky gender to communicate and someone with my body wearing skirts or dresses has an uphill battle to fight in terms of getting the people around me to get my gender correct, even those who already know, because we read cues from clothing and are aggressively socialized to consider anyone wearing dresses to be women (while less feminine clothing is less gender specific - the more typically male fashion is, the more people read it as general rather than gendered). So genderqueer fashion options still skew very dapper/masc, and that's great, but that's also not really how I feel and I spend an annoying amount of time just wishing I knew what to wear that would be comfortable, that would support my gender identity, and would make me feel less unhappy about dressing every morning. Whatever that clothing configuration is, I sure hope it doesn't have a lot of pants, because fuck pants.

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