New Comic! NOTE: A version of this comic with the term 'fuck' edited to f&@k for use in fuck-restricted environments can be found here.  TRANSLATIONS: French (French translation credit Simon B., proofreading Juliette L.). Japanese (translation credit Nisreen) Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese (translations credit: Asmin Chen) Spanish (translation: Carmen) TRIGGER WARNING: This comic discusses harassment, sexism, rape culture, and toxic attitudes towards women and femmefolk. It includes examples of slurs, harassment, and quotes from sexual offenders.

This is the longest comic I've ever done and it's a monster and it took me forever and I never want to draw again.

Ok, that's not true. I used to take a certain route fairly frequently, a couple of times a week. And there were these two guys who were almost always hanging around on the sidewalk, and they'd always talk at me: "Hey, red!" "Good seeing you again" "Looking good, red!" (I had red hair back then) And I thought I didn't care so much, but then I found myself altering my route, or feeling stressed, knowing I'd likely encounter them again. I took the same route with a guy once, and they were there, and they said nothing. But next time I was alone, it started again, and that said it all. Fuck those guys. It's my sidewalk too. CITATIONS: 1: Amy Poehler "I don't fucking care if you like it" 2: Quotes from sexual offenders from... (I read through this shit and it's terrible awful terrible stuff)

 - Interview in "Rapists’ accounts of their motivations, levels of premeditation and target choices: Some Trinidadian and Tobagonian data"

 - Reddit thread, 2012

 - "Rapist files" - a book

3: Bystander Intervention


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