Forty Nine

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A Swedish version of this comic can be found here (translation credit: A. Eberhag)
I hope you're all ok.
This attack on the Pulse nightclub was motivated by hate towards queer folk, and it feels very close to home and scary. We're grieving the loss, and even in a city of relative safety, we feel less safe. It's...strange being in Canada and watching the US endure massacre after massacre. It's right next door, but it feels impossibly far away.  We just don't have to exist in that environment of constant, unending mass shootings. I just...I can't imagine. I can't imagine having to face that reality over and over again. I'm sorry. I hope you're ok.
While a few US politicians are not being shy about using this tragedy to condemn all Muslim folks, it is hardly not a US-only phenomenon. People all over are eager to use this incident to justify hate and discrimination. Not only does this needlessly compromise the safety of Muslim people, it also affects 'associated' demographics such as Sikhs (the ignorant don't see a difference), and erases the existence of queer and trans Muslim folks.
Don't let straight people use our deaths to justify their ugliness and hate. Anyone who uses tragedy to codify hate is not an ally; they'll be looking for their next target soon enough.
I hope you're all ok. I hope you're as safe as you can be.

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