New comic! This comic was originally posted on Everyday Feminism. A Spanish version of this comic can be found here (credit: Isidora) NOTE: I know this comic came out kind of weird and small and i'm sorry about that. This comic was created in response for an ask for something that explores what happens when someone belongs to a marginalized group but doesn't share the experience of that group in some way. We see this from time to time - a woman CEO speaking about how gender discrimination can't exist because she's 'made it', for example. This comic explores how not all of us experience a marginalized identity in the same way, how there may be invisible factors in place that shield us from the discrimination that other members of our groups experience, and how the fact that we don't feel something as keenly or passionately as other doesn't mean that that isn't a worthy issue for our attention and activism. It's a complicated topic. But ours is a community of multitudes. That's what intersectional feminism and intersectional activism means, really.

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