Drawing Game

New Comic! This is a pretty fun game that I play with my people sometimes. Local robots, I'm going to be at The Comic Book Lounge on Saturday from 5-7pm, drawing comics to raise money for Epilepsy Toronto. Come visit me, make a small donation, and I'll sketch you a thing! If you don't know what to ask me for, name an animal and I'll be happy to draw it badly for you and then apologize. Details on the event page and on my facebook page! See you there! Transcript below:

The Animal Drawing Game

1: Name an animal

Draw me an aye-aye!


2: No reference material allowed!

Just let me check google…

Give me that phone!


3: Attempt to draw.

I think … they look like … rats with big eyes with really long middle fingers?

4: Give drawing to asker

Here you go!

5: Apologize profusely

I am so sorry.


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