Donation Cost

New comic! I don't talk too much about the healthcare advantages I happen to have, living in Canada. But the months I was researching donation also coincided with one of the huge US debates about medical insurance, and yeah, a number of the sites written for US donors urged caution about donating an organ putting you at risk for losing insurance or incurring very high insurance fees. I doubt that many of my US readers are happy with their health system. All I have is luck, that I immigrated here instead of the US. The actual costs for the donation surgery were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, certainly, and I think that's probably low. I'm happy to live in a system where we can fund that for the people who need it. I'm so sorry for my neighbours who find themselves in a much different equation. To put it simply, I can take risks with my health, because I trust that the publicly funded healthcare system will catch me. Without that trust, Kiddo would still be looking for a liver.

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