New Comic! Ok, so yes. This is happening. I'm fighting it and there should be some news on this within the next week, it's just... it's just like running this race and being exhausted and pushing yourself to finish because you know the finish is just right THERE, at the next intersection, and once you get there the race people are like no sorry the finish is actually like another half hour of running up this hill lol, but you've already used all your running juice up already and there's no way you're getting up that hill I don't actually run so this metaphor probably isn't that good. Ok, here's a better one. This entire situation feels like this.  Guess which dog I am. GUESS, DAMN YOU. Transcript below: RH:  Ok, It's the last 2 pages of the last assignment of my entire degree. As soon as I finish this, I'm done. I"m almost there. I actually did it! Computer: Bing! New email! Email: Subject: You do not qualify for your degree! Even though you double checked your courses with one of our Certified Academic Advisors 2 semesters ago specifically to make sure you fulfil your degree requirements, our system has now determined that your courses do not qualify you for a Master's degree. Please make sure that you register for the missing course when you return in Fall 2014. PS: GFY Wine bottle: Sad Duck The official wine of disappointment and crushed spirits!

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