New Comic! TRANSLATIONS: A Hungarian translation of this comic can be found here. ¬†(translation credit: Nikoletta) An Italian translation of this comic can be found here (translation credit: erika)   My¬†friends who date are a good source of material. As a reminder - if you decide to pay for something during a date, you damn well better not consider that some kind of downpayment for further interaction. I remember going on 2 dates with this guy, ages ago. We split everything down the middle, it was amicable but unremarkable. When I declined a third date the email I got in return was 3 paragraphs long and ended with 'I guess that's the thanks I get for treating you so well'. Transcript below: Man: No, no. I've got this. Woman: You sure? Man: My treat. ---- [by text] Man: Hey! I had a great time last night! Man: Let's set up another date. How's your Thursday? Woman: Hey, I had a nice evening too, but I didn't really feel a connection. Woman: But I'm sure I'll see you next time Chris has a get together, and we can catch up then! Man: Wow. Ok then. Man: I hope you enjoyed those free drinks. ---- Banner: SECRET SOCIETY OF WOMEN GO GO ON DATES WITH MEN PURELY TO GET FREE DRINKS Woman: They're on to us, ladies. Burn everything, we're going dark. Move, move, move! You know the drill!

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