Company Pride

New comic! (I know there's a typo in Activism but I don't have time to fix it so don't email me about it ok?) Corporate involvement in LGBTQ activism can be parasitic or symbiotic. If a company in it just to raise its own visibility, it's a parasite. If you spend more money on advertising your Pride than you do contributing to queer causes, you're a parasite. If you 'support' LGBTQ causes but refuse to consider your own policies, you're a parasite. A company that contributes to the community as well as critically examines its own practices for ways to improve not only makes a positive impact on their employees and the community, they benefit by drawing better, more diverse talent, and being visible and known as a community partner and a force for good. Every company that has a float in the parade this weekend, tell me this: are you a parasite, or are you a partner?

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