Cognitive Load

New comic! I don't even know how to communicate this clearly. I feel like I get reminded of the inconvenience and visibility of my gender pretty much all day. Pronouns, terms of address, bathrooms, shopping, interacting, corresponding - these are the tiny little things that make up day to day life, and they're all super gendered. I don't think that's as apparent if you're in a normative gender space, but when you're navigating a transition, or hold a non binary/gender queer identity, they all become little decisions and catches. How do I represent myself authentically here? Where do I fit? How can I be visible? Is this safe? Honestly, I'm often tired of thinking about gender. I would love to not think about it. I wish that existing in social spaces didn't make me have to think about it all the time. I really, really do have other things to think about. Oh, but here's an email for a survey for a service I use and enjoy. The second field? 'Sex: m/f'. Great.

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