Cliffs Part 3

New Comic! This is the third comic in a three part series. Part 1 Part 2 I have a lot of anger here. I feel really strongly about being able to belong in places and and in communities, to get a break from things out in the real world. No community is perfect andwithout problems, but when my head gets all scratchy and loud and there's friction everywhere, it feels like there will never be a place where I feel comfortable. It feels like the world is small and loud and that it doesn't want me at all. These feelings don't last, but it's the sort of unfortunate intersection of microaggressions, oppression, frustration, and fear, with a big old dollop of mental illness. Then I feel like I'm standing at the base of black, sheer cliffs, looking way way up.   Transcript below: My communities should feel safe but I'm fighting there too: TERF: Women born women! My women's space does not include penises. RH: No. No. You don't represent me. Stay the fuck out of my community, you hateful, transphobic, gender essentialist, toxic frauds. KINK: Our community is safe and supportive, and practices enthusiastic consent! RH:You can't just keep telling people that it's a safe community. 'Enthusiastic Consent' is not a sticker you slap on things to make them suddenly safe and not problematic. LEADER: How are we supposed to encourage diversity, representation, and safe space when you don't come out and create it? RH: I am tired of being the fucking solution to your broken space! I feel like the world is screaming and I can't make a sound. Background: Asking for it. Crazy. Fucking whore. Shouldn't be allowed to adopt. Why is there no white pride month Just want attention. Don't complain if you don't have a solution. Man hater. Calm dwn. Makes me fucking sick. Not all men. Making a big deal out of nothing. Need a straight pride parade. Cunt. Can't just 'choose' your gender. And I feel tired and boxed in. How do I make comics about that? Where do I even start?

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