Cat Naming Tip

New Comic! Once I had a foster cat come to me and her name was Elaine. Who the heck names a cat Elaine? Her name was clearly Parsnip. Your kitchen is full of great cat names. Other good examples include: Spoon Sherry Cheddar Hash Pinto Chamomile Microwave Transcript below: So cat has happened to you and it needs a name... This is a common stumbling block for new and experienced cat owners alike! But fear not...I have a solution! The infallible kitchen method for name-resistant cats Step 1: Consider your cat Step 2: Go to your kitchen Step 3: Name your cat For example... Dumpy and a little dim? Meet Potato! Sophisticated and sleek: Fucilli Playful and easygoing: Jello Adorable and Sweet: Chickpea

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