New comic! I remember this guy so vividly, because he said this really casually, like you'd say 'but I can't stay up too late tonight because I have an early start'. Anyways, it turns out he was really catholic (according to him), and while it apparently didn't extend to abstaining from extramarital sex, it totally included threatening physical violence in order to stop someone from accessing medical services. Anyways, about 3 days later the pope died and he got SUPER sad about it and pretty much stopped trying to talk to me altogether, which was a-ok with me. For the record, it's actually ok to decide that you're uncomfortable with the thought of someone aborting a pregnancy that you contributed to. The way to bring this up is: 'Before we go further, I wanted to let you know that I'm uncomfortable with the idea of abortion as a way of dealing with unexpected pregnancy. Can we talk about what would we would do if that did happen?" and then be ready for the answer that an abortion would be the thing that would happen, and know your response to that accordingly. If abortion is an unacceptable outcome for your genes, then I'd probably suggest that casual sex might not be for you.

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