Accessibility Intervention

New comic! This comic came up in my work recently, as I was interviewing Janice about design and disability. She generously gave me permission to quote her in the comic. All the characters in this comic represent feedback I've heard as an accessibility professional, both from disabled and able-bodied folks. It's always interesting when I'm giving an accessible design 101 workshop how many people come with ideas about disability as a binary thing - they often think of the most extreme form of a disability as the most common kind (ex - a person with a visual disability literally getting no visual input, a person in a wheelchair not being able to move at all), whereas disabilities manifest in lots of different ways, and fluctuate with time and circumstance. This is why there's not one perfect accessibility solution, and we need flexibility and accommodation in the way we design our environments and systems! Anyways, mostly remember that you don't know for sure what's going on when you look at someone, and in the face of uncertainty, try to default to kindness. That serves me pretty well.

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