2014 Signed Prints

Robots, it’s time for ANOTHER special edition fall print sale! This year I’m very happy to be bringing you 3 different prints; Nest, For Science, and Healthy Relationships. (Click for images of the redrawn prints!)

The catch is, there’s only 25 of each, so get them while you can!

Cat for scale
Fall 2014 limited print run: Cat for scale

Each of these comics have been lovingly redrawn for maximal printy goodness. We sourced our prints locally this season, and they came out beautifully, so I hope you will consider getting one for yourself or a loved one.

Each print is carefully rolled up and placed into a high-tech cardboard tube, which will be gently hugged before being sent on it’s awesome adventure to you! Think of all the things your cardboard tube would will have seen and done by the time it ends up on your door.

Each print is $30, flat. There is no added shipping, no matter where you live. Orders from countries that are far from where I live, such as Australia or Japan, may have shipping times of up to 6 weeks. Orders closer to me, such as within Canada and the US are probably looking at about a 1-2 week shipping wait.

If you really need a comic much sooner than that contact me and we’ll see what we can work out.


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