New comic!

A French version of this comic can be found here (translation by Catherine)! 

Happy Solstice, robots!

Transcript below:

Happy Solstice everyone!

I brought candles and mulled wine!
I brought some music!
I bought the Solstice Snakes!
….the what?
You know…the Solstice Snakes? The snakes for Solstice!
I don’t ….we asked you to bring snacks… did you bring live snakes to our party?
There is no such thing as Solstice Snakes. I don’t know why you thought there was.
…Oh. I… I didn’t realize. I’ve been telling them about this party for weeks… but I guess I should just send them home.
Sorry, slithery ones.
….No. No. They can stay. They seem pretty chill.
Yaaayy! Sssssss!