New Comic!

But what about men? What about butt men? Butts!

Anytime I can make a comic and have the punchline be butts, I’m doing a good jobs.

Transcript below:


A: Ugh.
B: I know. Just ignore them.
They’re just mad about the new Women’s Book Store opening this week.
Why don’t we celebrate literature by men?
Please pay attention to me
Butt men have opinions
Feminism = Oppression

A: What about that one guy? Spell check much?
B: oh him? I think he actually belongs to the other group across the street. He’s just a little turned around.

Sign: Butt men have important opinions
Association for the non-objectifying consensual appreciation of fine butts.
Sign: Wooo butts!
We just really like butts!
I heart butts!

A: huh.
B: yup.

Butt men have important opinions about butts