New Comic!

A Hungarian translation of this comic can be found here. (translation credit: Nikoletta)
An Italian version of this comic can be found here (translation credit: erika)

I had this really really simple single form that I just couldn’t fill out and send in. My partner pretty much had to make me step by step do it and it took like 5 minutes but they were the worst 5 minutes ever.

Transcript below:

A: Hey, I know your head isn’t feeling great today.
B: Everything is terrible.
A: I know.
A: You don’t have to do anything today.
B: Good.
A: Except fill out this form.
B: hsssss
A: I know. But it’s due today and it’s important and you’ll be really upset if you don’t get it in.
A: Look, I’ve already filled it in. Just look it over and sign it.
A: Ok. I’m just going to –
B: noooooo
A: There we go. All done. Good job, you did it.