New comic!

** This comic has a sketchy outline of my packer, so may be considered NSFW***

I’ve been travelling for work and am kind of wiped out, but I can say that I didn’t really think about it when I threw my packer into my bag and then was suddenly alarmed to see the screening guy reaching into the pocket to pull it out.

He seemed a little surprised by my reaction and ended up just shrugging and said ‘whatever’ and waved me through, but it was stupid and unnecessary.

I’m tired and worn out, but I have so many good comics in the pipes for you all, so bear with me and check in next week!



CASTA (Canadian TSA) meets the Packer

CASTA: What’s this?
RH: sir, that is a personal appliance.
I would strongly prefer that you not handle it.
If you need to examine it more closely, I will need you
and a second officer to take me to a private screening room.