New Comic!

Complicit partners make genderfuckery so much easier.

Transcript below:

RH: Hey!
MZ: Hi love. I missed you. How was your day?
RH: I bought a packer
MZ: Sorry? I didn’t hear you.
RH: I bought a packer, ok? I went and bought one. Like I’ve been talking about.
MZ: Oh..! … Are you wearing it now?
RH: …yes…
MZ: Can…can I touch it?
RH: …yes.
MZ: Oh…oh goodness. It feels so…mmmphs. (that is so hot)
RH: hehe
RH: So…you’re ok with it?
MZ: I love it!
RH: I’m glad. You should probably stop now thought?
MZ: why?
MZ:…oh. Right.