New Comic!

All of these tips have been really useful to me. I have had checklists for my day that included ‘get out of bed once’ and ‘shower’, and when I couldn’t do anything because my head was so screwed up and I could get one of those done, it was a pretty big accomplishment.

Designating an official asker is pretty important. That person is trusted to only ask that when they’re concerned and never use it as a joke or an insult. It can be your reality check for whether you’re ok or not.

Also, I really believe in the therapeutic power of hyperbole, and the people I love know that when I get going they should just  go with it. Working through a rough episode is so much less stressful when you don’t have to argue with someone at the same time. And somehow, actually verbalizing the crazy stuff that my brain is saying helps in a really ridiculous way helps me process.

I think there’s lots more of these. Anyone else out there have some tips? Maybe I can draw those too! Maybe you could draw some also….